1; generic unoriginal videos that would typically be considered cringe. Ex: POVs Charlie Demilio type people, couples TikTok

2; people who use their heterosexuality and/or heteronormative way of thinking to be cringey, creepy, gross or bigoted
1; “the only place you can find something as boring as POVs is straight TikTok

2; “only people on straight TikTok would buy their ten year old son a p*rn magazine”
by Hiimdavebigbird February 28, 2021
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Straight tik tok is like the ocean, we know only 5% of it but it's enough to make us not want to be near it ever again
Person#1: help me!
Person#2: what's the matter?

Person#1: I'm on straight tik tok
by Pao.lina August 18, 2020
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The reason why people hate TikTok. Come on, TikTokers, I know you love TikTok, bt take it down a little. And TikTok haters, not all TikTokers are like the ones you see. If you get it, there's a lot more to see.
Please, let's stop Straight TikTok.
by iS sAnA gAy November 24, 2020
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The death of all things fun. Where stupid POV's, weird dances and dudes rubbing their chins and staring into the camera for 40 minutes straight. Hahahhahaha get it because it's straight tik tok?! Yeah okay..
Lucy said, "Oh, did you hear about Marie? She started a trend where you rub soap on tortilla chips and then eat it" Sopie responded with "tHat'S sTrAiGhT tIk ToK fOr YoU!"
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by Via Obsessed December 07, 2020
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'Straight Tik Tok' is a term created by alt girls in early 2020, and it is typically used to describe a boring video. Typically a video of a woman dancing with over 100K likes.

Over time the term started to get annoying for some. In November of 2020, almost EVERYONE stopped using it.

Present time, rarely anyone uses it anymore. The only people who still use it are seven years old.
Kai: Omg. I HATE being on Straight Tik Tok!
Joshua: Literally shut the fuck up.
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by PeePuddle May 11, 2021
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Straight TikTok is the mainstream TikTokers who first made the app popular by sharing dance videos and shirtless thirst traps. Or in simple terms, straight tiktok is like your math grade, so bad not even god can help you
Hey, did you see the new video of that shirtless guy doing a thirst trap?
Yes...we both are on straight tiktok then
by boobreelemon May 16, 2021
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The best and superior side of TikTok. Where all the unproblematic people reside. Everyone in straight TikTok supports the right things and can take a joke.
Dan: Are you on straight tiktok or alt tiktok?
Kenny: Straight duhh, that's the best side
Dan: good
by Chloe Lee October 23, 2020
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