straight tiktok is the shitty side of tiktok where your for you page is shitty povs, dances, fuckboys, the hypehouse, quirky shit, over-used jokes/trends and shitty relatable tiktoks. tiktokers that are on straight tiktok are usually attractive but with no fun sense of humour and are really boring people with no taste.
avani is on straight tiktok.
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by GENYOES June 23, 2020
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Its the cringey, uncomfortable content you were looking for. Its full with eboys and tiktokers who are famous(like the hype house) If you are straight(like me) and are on alternative side of tiktok and you are straight, you have a personality.
Y/n: hey have you seen these tiktoks they arr so funny.
Friend: No, im in elite tiktok.
Y/n: wait, whats elite tiktok.
Friend: I think you are stuck in straight tiktok.
by Keepaneyeforselener😜 June 30, 2020
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Person 1: Oh my god, did you see Tony Lopez's new tiktok? He's so hot!

Person 2: Are you on straight tiktok? Get the fuck out of my house.
by wee.woo August 03, 2020
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The side of tik tok where white teens dance and get tons of clout. It also has tons of drama, usually about celebrities
Straight Tik Tok is very scary
by ElTheDumb January 19, 2021
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The shitty and cringy side of TikTok. The opposite of alt tiktok. Popular people there include lil huddy, avani, charli damelio, etc. Has nothing to do with your sexuality, you can be straight and not be on straight tiktok.
Person 1: “Did you see that new Charli D’amelio video? Her dancing is so good, and I want her to marry Lil Huddy so bad!”

Person 2: GTFO, I’m not being friends with anyone who likes straight tiktok.
by nlolhere August 03, 2020
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“Straight” is one of the three sides of TikTok. On Straight TikTok, you’ll see videos of the “Hype House,” people dancing, usage of the “Bling” effect, and usage of the “G6” filter. You know you’re on Straight TikTok when you have all the latest drama updates, and follow people like Charli D’Amelio, Josh Richards, Addison Re, and Lil Huddy.
“My friend, Emily, has switched over to Straight TikTok. What a crackhead!”
by omgotterz July 30, 2020
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a person: yeah, im on straight tiktok
*everyone else leaves*
by gaydahaha April 04, 2021
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