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When a girl is attracted to guys that look like girls/are gay.
Example 1: Kayla is totally in love with Bill Kaulitz. You know that German singer that looks like a girl?

Example 2:
Straight Lesbian: I would so fuck Jeffree Star!

Dude: But He's a total TRANNY!
by Sam Ssssss October 23, 2008
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A girl who likes girls and if a boy one day (straight) and a girl another day.(lesbian)
Person 1: so are you straight or lesbian today?
Straight lesbian: today i'm a BIG LESBIAN!!!!!
by Dan The Man Who Dates Woman April 05, 2019
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A word used for a girl who is bisexual but doesn't feel comfortable being called "Bi"
Chelsea: Doesn't Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas make such a cute couple?

Sara: I'll F**k the both of them

Chelsea: Omg, You are like so Bi!

Sara: I'm not Bi, I'm just a straight lesbian ;p
by RaraAhhAhAh October 17, 2010
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girls that are so straight that they can do anything with another woman and not have it be awkward or have feelings for one another and nobody cares cuz they are just that straight(new reality show coming to fox )
*steph eats last marshmallow*
sarah- hey i wanted some
steph-u can eat it out of my mouth(jokingly)
sarah-okay *eats it*
straight lesbians
by ihateevan&kodi March 02, 2010
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Straight Lesbianism (a definition): a state of mind compelled by the depleting image of lesbians living in metropolitan areas (i.e . Miami). This state of mind, though oxymoronic in nature, serves as a gateway for higher echelon lesbians to fluctuate between the heterosexual social scene and homosexual love affairs. Straight lesbians mend the vital resources of both worlds and in a paradoxical state purposed to establish a strong repertoire for future generations of straight lesbians...
'd say it's great being a straight lesbian - sexual preference will never define the politics of societal interaction for me.
by Vanessa Brito February 27, 2008
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A heterosexual woman who feels like she might as well be a lesbian due to her male partner's clitoris sized kenitalia.
All of your girlfriends have been straight-lesbians.
by That handle is already in... August 17, 2018
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