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Fall River North, New New Bedford, Portugal of the Americas, Brockton's Red-Headed Stepchild. These are all terms that have been used to describe this small podunk town south of Boston. Stoughton aspires to achieve the greatness enjoyed by such cities as Quincy, Worcester and Lynn. In the 1970s and 80s Stoughton was the type of place where long-haired teenagers wore t-shirts emblazoned with the names of heavy metal bands, but sadly has become a haven for wannabe thugs who's only regret in life is that they're not popping caps in peoples' asses in places like Dorchester or Roxbury: Real towns where success in life means that your welfare check arrived in time for the Nattie Ice sale at the local package store. With such famous former residents as Mary Baker Eddy and David Cohen Stoughton is sometimes the focus of statewide news but rarely sees fame on a national level. The nicer parts of Stoughton, mainly the areas in the vicinity of Plain Street and Bay Road, are often seen as extensions of the town's wealthier neighbors Easton and Sharon. It is very easy (and advisable) when in these areas to sometimes forget that you are even in Stoughton at all.
Conversation overheard in the parking lot of CVS pharmacy in Stoughton, Massachusetts

Thug #1 - "Yo, you wanna get something for dinner?"

Thug #2 - "Yeah, Taco Bell, Mc Donald's or Wendy's?"

Thug #1 - "No way yo. Let's go to the Bickford's near the Westgate mall."
by Grew up in Stoughton January 10, 2008
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the furniture place of massachusetts complete with Ikea, Jordan's furniture, Lazy Boy, and Bob's Discount Furniture. Sure we have some problems but what town doesn't. and yes our rivals are canton but that doesn't mean we will beat the shit outta anyone from canton that we see. I happen to have some friends from Canton. also why would you care which races are in stoughton? are you raceist? sure there are some gays but hey it's Massachusetts we allow gay marriage... get over it. also we don't have horrible sports teams, you probably say that we suck cause you're jealous. no not all the kids are stoners, punks,gay, or getto so shut up don't say what you don't know. yes stoughton has it's problems but stoughton has a lot of town spirit the whole town wears black and orange on huse events such as powderpuff. we always have fun at the dances and everyone goes to home football games. I'm proud to say I'm from Stoughton even though we have our little imperfections.sooo... stop hating us cause you're jealous.
unless you are from stoughton, massachusetts don't talk trash about it because you don't know shit!!!
by Heather C. and Danica W. November 18, 2006
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alright who ever wrote badly about stoughton is a hipercrit. you talk about the town like you know it but i bet you dont live there? where ever you go there is going to be as you so called it white trash. have you ever heard of ppl who do what they can for there fdamilys and work there asses off! oviousley not! grwo the fuck up and also where ever you go there is differnet nationalities welcome to fuckin america!!!! get use to it look back at your fuck ancestores moron! my family has lived here for many many years and sent me to the best schools and tought me right from wrong put me through college and i didnt turn out to be like the ppl you are stereotyping from stoughton! wherever you go you are going to find exactly what you found in every town!!!! so bite me btch
read the(BOSTON HERALD)ASSHOLE! watch the news!its everywhere!not just stoughton, massachusetts~SAMM~
by whynot May 22, 2006
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Samll town south of Boston. Also known as "Toughtown." Filled with jews, blacks, japs, stoners, junkies, sluts, dykes, prudes, wiggers, russians, and fuglies. Most of the guys wear pink and call themselves metro because they're afraid they might be gay. Enemies with Canton Bitches.
A: "Lets go key that Canton slutbag's car. What should we write?"
B: I'm thinking 'FUCK U! Love, Toughtown -Tell all ya friends' What do u think?"
C: "Wait u guys, just let me blow this guy in the back of a school bus and then we can all shoot up some heroin!"
A: "OK"
by EffinHater February 05, 2005
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