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When someone starts telling a story that you really dont want to hear or has already completed telling a story that was super boring and uneventful, you say "cool story bro" as you close your hands in front of you in a basket shape and say "put it in the story basket" then when they go to drop their "story" in the basket you separate your hands and let the story fall through ur fingers thus saying the ever so popular line, "oops, no one cares" thus stopping the person from finishing their ever so boring story or gently reminding them that their story was stupid because it is lost in the never ending story basket :)

The story basket is open to past, present, and future comments.
friend 1: "omg that reminds me of this one time i went to Nebraska.." friend 2: "cool story bro, put it in the story basket.....oops no one cares"
by drinkarizonatea June 02, 2011
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The place where pointless stories go. If some tells you a boring, pointless story, put your arms in a circle and tell them to put the story in the story basket, a.k.a. the trash.
Friend: One time I went to the store and bought a coke.
You: And...
Friend: That was it...
You: Put it in the story basket. smh
by itisme543 December 27, 2011
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