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1. One who acts slutty whilst under the influence of marijuana.

2. One who will perform sexual acts in exchange for marijuana.

3. One who smokes weed often, and is sexually promiscuous.
Oh wow, Cindy is such a stoner slut.
by Evil Bella October 22, 2004
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A girl who will flirt/date/hook up with you as to smoke your weed and not have to buy her own. Similar to the virgin who dates you so you'll take her to the movies every friday night.
I'm such a stoner slut... I dated colin half the summer just to smoke his weed. Then the weed ran out and we both got bored. He ended up hooking up with Aly at her party, and I went on to date michael. We were all happy.

I felt so bad about smoking his shit all the time, I invited him for a night of smirnoff & vodka. He was DD though, and I felt bad so I hooked up with him. The resulting hickey made mike so jealous he asked me out the next day. We were all happy.

Joey has the best shit. That's why Meghan is such a stoner slut and always fucks his ugly ass.

Kristen wanted Clinton's pretty blue bong so bad she blew him for it. That stoner slut is my bitch!
by stonahsarah September 14, 2008
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