Stole my lollipop is the latest word for drug addicts. It describes drug addicts can steal anything, including childrenslollipops for exchange of money.
“Mom, the man stole my lollipop

“Be quite, I just want to use it to buy some cracks; I know you are a good boy, understand my situation; and I promise you, you will get some cracks when I get back”
by Steal my stuff August 29, 2009
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Commonly known to take someone's ideas and putting their stimnatual in a way of looking like they came up with and created it.....
Hey maybe that mothafucker stole my music money.
by RealBunnyMama84 May 30, 2021
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A minecraft player who played on the server “the hive” until he was ip banned for an unnecessary reason.
stole that: “u suck
Hive staff: “eeeeeeeeur done
by The kid Named Caleb November 24, 2021
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I am 40 years old and nobody me stole wreath.
by bvovka April 6, 2021
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When police hate the law and need a new car. Also can be a parody of Feliz navidad.
Darn! These police just stole my car and drove it all the way to Africa and I can’t be bothered to walk that far. Looks like I won’t be coming home for christmas. Ugh police stole my car.
by Bored teenager December 31, 2020
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A term used by native Australians, meaning that their baby has actually been taken by a dingo.
Aborginals commonly use this, as they are the only ones stupid enough to get their baby taken by wildlife.

More often referred to as "DINGO STOLE ME FUCKEN BABY"
Aborginal 1: "Dingo stole me baby!"
White guy: "Fucking nice one mate!"
by xX_snIppEzZ_Xx April 11, 2014
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