A word originally used by Californian skaters and surfers. Non-Americans will use the word to sound cool, and to pretend that they're American.

Means your excited, basically. If you use it, you just sound gay.
"OMG dude! I'M SO LIKE STOKED about this bands new album!"
by Jesus3030303 August 15, 2011
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The word used to describe someone who is both stoned (from MJ) and on cocaine.
Fuck, im so stoked. I shouldn't have done that extra line/bowl.
by Juan Cornellus January 15, 2008
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all hot n bothered, like being in side the big chimeys of stoke on trent, how it was in the old days you know staffordshire pottery, theres some aweful pictures of the chimneys taken by william blake, it looks like hell its self. its an old english saying probably last used by black country folk before it died out, its still a popular saying in australia. in staffordshire today they use the word "yampy" more, because now the words been branded into australian culture as an australian word
why a yo all runnin around hot headed
yeah, well "i'm totally stoked"
by paul hinton April 24, 2006
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1. Australian slang term mostly used by young people doing extreme sports eg. Surfing describing to be excited or happy
Florian was stoked when he got barrelled at Kirra!
by Mr_Fitz February 20, 2018
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Word used by mostly Chads and Brads to describe how excited they are.
Brad-“dude this party this weekend is gonna be lit
Chad-“yeah bro, I’m so stoked
by Bobster69 January 30, 2018
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