When you're all hyped up on weed, you think anything is possible.
Girl: what happened to Jimmy?

Boy: he got all DOPE STOKED and tried to jump off this bridge.... but he was on his couch the whole time.
by Clemon2589 July 4, 2019
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Absolute legend. Will take your girl. Greatest Rugby League player the game’s ever seen. NRL premiership winner by 2025.
Person 1: ‘Did you see that absolutely swole premiership winning bloke the other day?’
Person 2: ‘Yeah must of been Drew Stokes.’
by Joey. January 27, 2021
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To take heaps of ket, then climb in your nans cooker to burn to a crisp with your Nan fisting you full of stuffing.
Let’s go to a gaff and do a Daniel stokes tonight
by Daniel Stokes 💦 September 8, 2020
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