a gay ass hoe who is sponsored by homosexuality but doesn’t want to admit it. he needs time to accept his gayness and needs acceptance. boys hit his link he needs a daddy.
by freddieswife May 10, 2019
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Has a twin, but more girls pick his twin Alan Stokes has never dated a girl but will one day.
"Alex Stokes is a really nice person I wanna be him"
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Also known as creature, crack and pee girl. The act of being too intoxicated and letting the worst side of you out. There is no limit to what or who you will pee on.
“Bro I brought this girl home last night and see Noah stokes me”
by Peegirl9000 October 12, 2019
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Jordan stokes is a rare breed of spaka only found roaming in the amazom rainforest. These creatures are uaully tamed by feeding them some sort of of sunday dinner but beware and don’t feed them yorkshire puddings as his dad is a baldy yorkshire cunt and you’ll hear him masturbating all the way from lampton
Can you hear that fapping? Must be Jordan stokes dad
by Cheese and ham sarnie March 20, 2019
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The act of introducing people to Onewheel by sharing enthusiasm, teaching others to ride, passing along tips and tricks, and helping build the Onewheel community.
I was spreading stoke at the festival by piquing everyone’s interest as I floated past.
by #1Bodega July 29, 2020
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Skater phrase.

Typically used by Skaters that know whats comin' at them.
If they expect a new shoe, dvd, deck to come out.
Guy #1: Gettin Stoked.

Guy #2: Why man?

Guy #1: New Eastside decks are coming soon.
by imurmother April 21, 2010
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