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  • stoked.men
To be excited about something. Often used by downhill mountain bikers, snowboarders or other extreme sport participants.
Person 1: I can't wait for our downhill session on Saturday.
Person 2: Yeah, I'm proper stoked for it.
by RichardisDead June 16, 2008
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It means you are really excited and amped up about something. So excited and happy, you could burst.
When I first learned to upload videos on YouTube, i was soo Stoked!!
by VizslaZebra June 06, 2009
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must be used by all pro surfers when describing how pumped they are after a win
oh...im just so stoked!
by em April 23, 2003
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The word 'stoked' broken down simply means, "Stoned on coke". Coke, being the drug used to snort or smoke. Although most people redefine it as being "intensely enthusiastic" "exhilirated", or excited about something.
Billy was stoked to see his girlfriend, Janice, in three days.

Jenny was stoked after partying with her friends in the club, then the cops showed up.
by blondie127 July 07, 2009
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