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A woman who a person sleeps with, purely because she provides them with expensive clothing. A stitch bitch is the female version of a thread daddy.
I'd like to see other people, but I've got my eye on a new Armani suit. If I ditch my stitch bitch now, I'll never be able to afford them until the end of season sale.
by aquietword October 11, 2011
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An individual or group of individuals trying to gain attention from a personal misfortune. Most commonly an injury. Especially by persons that usually go unnoticed in daily life. Common characteristics of a Stitch Bitch are as follows; constant complaining, overreacting, and exaggerating ones misfortune. Examples Include but are not limited to; posting about depression or suicide on Social Media sites, continuous talk of health problems, exaggeration of injuries, complaints about mental health disorders, etcetera.
Trying to gain attention from an auto incident, even after sustaining minior injuries.

Attempting to become noticed by flaunting sadness, or depression.

"That chick is such a Stitch Bitch, she just has a bruised Kankle, not a brain tumor!"

"He thinks because he has a broken leg that he's getting all the hoes, typical Stitch Bitch!"

"After a classmates death, kids that wouldn't even talk to the deceased claim to be his or her best friend."
by The Wizard Of Knowledge April 01, 2013
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An emotionally challenged man, who was born as a woman.
Person 1 : How's your sister?
Person 3 : Shoosh! (nudgenudge)
Person 2 : She's a stitch bitch now. Won't show his face on T.V.
by ANONY June 01, 2013
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