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Sometimes referred by the media as think tanks - A group of american people strongly allied with israel, nazism/zionism, and neo-conservatives who regularly create fresh lies (which they call spin) and deviant ideas about the world and all other civilizations. They do this to brainwash the naive TV junkie public who subconsciously will start to believe the lies if they hear the same stuff on a regular basis through various media outlets.
Yehud is a member of the latest think tank, people regularly complain about the foul shit smell coming from his mouth, he had to then re-explain it must be because his job involves creating and dispersing bullshit everyday - thus actually working for a STINK TANK.
by Mr. Ali August 25, 2006
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A combination of the infamous "Upper Decker" and "Dry Dock". First, shut the flow of water off to the toilet by turning the valve on located low on the wall facing the back or side of the toilet. Then flush the toilet ensuring all the water gets flushed out. Then, remove the lide and defacate inside the tank and re install the lid. If you have a particularly large bowel movement or a partner you can defacate in the bowl as well for a traditional dry dock. This creates a highly concentrated sometimes lethal dosage of stink when the tank lid is removed so the tank can be inspected. Also known as the "Dry Deck". This should only be used in when absolutely neccessary. Or when staying at a freinds house.
Jason nearly passed out when he went into his bathroom and discovered the stink tank I had left behind for him. Afterwards, he became irrationally angry.
by DeezerPleaser October 12, 2010
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A synonym for the ass, usually a particularly stank one.
While I was nailin that pussy, I pulled out and put it in her stinktank.
by Fizzlemizzle December 18, 2006
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