Stunning, incredible, sexy, radiant, spectacular, captivating, hot pale blonde girl with blue eyes.
Wow. There's Stine. *try not to faint*
by Nik T. September 08, 2006
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the most awesomest weirdo. Loves to use the danish word ya elshgidie. I could possibly see a stine burrowing in the mud. Also has a crazy laugh kinda like tehehe. Very ticklish
If i was cool i would hang out with a stine.
by taylor January 25, 2005
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A common Norwegian name for girls.
her name is Stine
by Elliken May 03, 2010
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A lurvely girl from Denmark who's way more better than a mud digger and perfect in every WHOA!
That Stine is totally wicked and awesome and sparkling with effervescense or something!
by Stephanie January 13, 2005
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for one to be slighly intoxicated without relevant people knowing that one is on a completely different rung of the pre-verbal ladder of every day life,
i stood at the altar really damn 'STINED'

the two of us put on the headphones and walked in to the church on the audion guided tour, a hundred school children marched into the main hall and began singing hymns, we looked each other to say dude, i am 'STINED'
by Mr Adam J Maddock May 15, 2008
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Unwanted change brought on by irritation that seldom ends in positivity or growth. To control or take advantage of by artful, unfair, or insidious means.
Don't Stine your way to the top.
by Manook February 02, 2010
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Stined (Stine-ed)
When someone is really stoned. Usually mistakenly mentioned after many pots have been smoked or drinks have been drunk and the individual cannot annunciate properly.
Girlfriend: If I don't have any cheezits in my mouth soon I'm going to die.

Me: Do you want to run to the store to get some?

Girlfriend: Yeah, but you have to drive because I'm really Stined.
by _Darkstar_ June 11, 2017
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