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long trail that goes all the way from one side of mountain view, ca, to the other. frequently used by local stoners to smoke and drink at. there are lots of bikers and a few hobos. do not go on the trail after dark if youre alone, cause there are some weird ass people who chill there that u may not want to run into. usually the last resort for someone to smoke at, and occasionally the cops that have nothing better to do in MV take a stroll looking for kids to fuck over. overall the trail is a boring, uneventful place that may cause u to rip out ur eyeballs from the boring site of nothingness.
person 1: hey where do u wanna burn?

person 2: lets chill and smoke at someones house

person 1: its bad at everyones houses

person 2: fine lets go to the shitty stevens creek trail then

person 1: no! not the trail! its boredom with fuck u up the ass!
by bongrippin December 22, 2011
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