Yet another one of those words that were made up by advertising executives to put into the mouth of today's supposed youth for the purposes of selling crap that's made to seem "extreme". "This sounds like the kind of stupid crap kids would say", they said, and apparently they were right. The use of this word in any context is admissible in most courts as evidence that the speaker is a complete fucking idiot.
"Have you heard of 'steezy'? It's yet another bullshit synonym for 'cool' that can be used to make old products seem new somehow!"
by Bevets' Mom December 30, 2005
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verb: Slang for the word "style".
"Gee, Wally! That hat is totally steezy!"
by babymay November 04, 2006
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looking fly, looking clean, looking BOSS
Jack used to have his instagram name as steezyjack until he thought he was too boss for it
by abbsss September 23, 2017
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Stylish with ease. Looking super stylish on a mountain bike. Whether it be throwing your tyre sideways over a table or roosting the hell outta a berm, steezy can be applied many different ways.
"That was so steezy over the hip man!"
by throwing whips since '10 November 18, 2019
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The definition of steezy is simple. It is when a skier or snowboarder is fly as hell. You got the style and the tricks. Got your pants sagged down and slayin in the park.
Pretty much the definition. Someone who does work in the park and has the style.

Dude i wish i could be as steezy as them.
by master23bateman December 06, 2009
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