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When showering with a significant other, exit the shower before them. With the steam hot and water mightily flowing, pull back the shower curtains and conjur the most vile fart you've ever conjured, and let em have it; quickly closing the shower curtains for maximum efficiency. Similar to Dutch Oven but with a steamy shower, a curtain and a whole new demeanor. The potency of the fart mixed with the steam creates a shower fart which even a mix of dog and baby shit could not compete.
After a long fuck sesh with my lady, we entered the shower to remove our post-coital drippings. Unbeknownst to her I had eaten $10 worth of Taco Bell beforehand. I stepped out to dry off when I got the brilliant idea to hit her with the steam chamber. Man, did she love every second of it. (I didn't get the booty for a week)
by ChetBron91 September 24, 2016
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