means to stay up
hey youve been going through a lot! STAY UP
by gangtho March 22, 2018
a term that means "see you later" or "be careful"
by yogie234 August 23, 2018
A pastime that is often performed by youth 12-19. When not interrupted by older siblings and their girlfriends, this action can be quite pleasurable.
I've been staying up often and i am losing sleep.
by hadley February 8, 2004
To stay up until waking hours.
"Looks like I have to stay up early and play this video game."
"I stayed up so early last night, I got to sleep at like 8am."
by Dieter Haley January 20, 2014
I’m going to be up for a while til the sun comes up
Yea bro we staying up early tonight
by September 15, 2020
on march 28-29 you stay up really late on ft with your friends cuz of corona time
yo its march 28 we gotta stay up late tn because its national stay up late day (march 28-29 is national stay up late day)
by berthalamule March 29, 2020
a term coined in a conversation b/w bobbybooze and chip tha ripper meaning "to listen for" "pay attention to" or "respect" something
..."keep on that SLAB beat. and tell cudi we stay ears up on him too"
by $**BOOZE~or~LOOZE**$ March 8, 2010