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A stats queen is someone who cares too much about their stats score (ie: win/loss ratio) at the expense of the enjoyment of a multiplayer competitive game. These people would frequently create a dozen dummy accounts to practice their skills/strategy so their actual account looks more 'gosu' and it is therefore not a true reflection of their playing ability. These people often deliberately kick people who are better then them and selectively choose to play against less experienced opponents. They get in to nerd rage, if they're on the losing team and will beg like a pussy for an allied victory (e.g starcraft 3v3 game).
"wait don't kill me, Allied victory me!"
me - "why should I?"
"I don't want a bad record otherwise it will look bad in front of my clan mates"
me - "L0L you stats queen"
by casualstarcraftplayer November 15, 2009
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