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Pens/pencils/erasers, notebooks, rulers, compasses, etc --- writing/drawing accessories that heartless grownups make poor little kiddies miserably sit in one place and use instead of letting them go outside to play.
What a farce --- all these self-righteous adults whining about modern-day children's preferring to watch TV and use their computers/cell-phones instead of doing outdoor activities, and yet when those very same youngsters **specifically ask to go outside**, those same snooty grownups heartlessly shake their heads and say, "No, you hafta stay here and finish your lessons!" Plus they balk at buying the youngsters nice outdoor-0activities equipment like skateboards or basketball-hoops, yet they always seem to manage the cash for stationary products to use in their boring schoolwork! It's just a big conspiracy to keep children "quiet and manageable"!
by QuacksO June 12, 2018
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