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Static Electric Penis is a penis that is charged with static electrity and when in close proximity to a grounding opportunity(another person) the charge will arc from the penis to the grounding source(other person) with a electric spark and audible crack.

The best enviroment to charge a static electric penis is during the winter. A radiator heating system and carpeting are key. Flannel pj's are effective in building and storing the charge. Be sure they rub against the carpet while shuffling your feet.

You can do this over and over. You can create sizable sparks.
My girlfriend stopped over last night. I had on the flannel pj's she gave me. I shuffled into the bedroom. I pulled out my STATIC ELECTRIC PENIS and craaaaack. She let out a few choice words. The spark had to be half of an inch. So, I shuffled around and shocked her again.
by jcustomcue January 07, 2014
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