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A man's first wife that (usually) marries out of love and helps him achieve wealth, power, etc., but is then promptly discarded upon reaching said goal for a younger more attractive woman. Can sometimes result in the starter wife getting half.
As soon as he made his first million, Donald left his starter wife for a young Slavic model named Melania, which cost him half.
by C Myers May 29, 2007
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The woman a man marries while in training for his trade, who is there for him, has his children, runs his home and contributes in every way while his career is being established, and then when he has made it career-wise, he ditches her for a younger version who coos over and worships him.
"I ditched my starter wife for a younger version who coos over and worships me. She's not as smart but this works for me."
by ChanceMeeting August 12, 2014
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