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Starcraft Psychology is a way to describe a popular mindset while playing Starfact (online). There is actually a different attitude towards playing each with the Zerg, Protoss and Terran races in Starcraft. Recognizing how players usually treat their races in the game, may actually help to avoid mistakes while playing the game.

Here is my advice to noobs:

1) Zerg are thought to be sparable. Players will not "worry" for losing Zerg units. This happens because Zerg are an alien breed where units are quickly made. For this reason players will make quick rushes, waste units and resources and end up with a lack of units for a time when they are really needed.

2) Terrans are at the other extreme. While the cost and time to make them are somewhere in the middle of all 3 races, Terrans are most human-like. As a result players are too careful to send units when they should, probably because of feelings of guilt.

3) Protoss are the most interesting. While they cost the most, and are somewhat easy to kill (when faced the right type of opponent's units), players often treat them like Zerg units (again because they are "alien" looking and "alien" sounding, like Zerg units).
starcraft psychology, as seen in some cases:
1) Zerg units are often sent to slaughter. Instead, rushes should be conducted more carefully.
2) Terran players often can rush and win but choose caution instead. Rather, a player should seize the right moment and attack.
3) Protoss players will send massive amounts dragoons against terran tanks. As a result, unit number is depleated and takes a lot of time to regain. Instead, these players should preserve every unit.
by Dimon January 21, 2007
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