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Any female who is very good looking, and is of preppy/sloane origin, so would therefore hang around at starbucks
andy:omg did you see that hotty??
thomas:yeah, she was a complete starbucks girl
by chris minter March 21, 2007
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A Starbucks girl is a stereotype given to girls that are commonly in 14 - 18 years old. They usually hang around in small groups. Starbucks girls deliberately type in short forms of words or how you actually say the word. As the name implies, their hangout spot is almost always Starbucks.

Starbucks girls usually wear really loose shirts, and very tight jeans. They wear colorful clothing and jewellery. They have 2 - 5 social media accounts and they care about it a lot, so they will be aggressive if you insult them online.
Starbucks girl #1: "oh my god did you see that kid insult my picture online?"

Starbucks girl #2: "I know right? he's totes jelly of you."

Starbucks girl #1: "I hait that kid he's such a bulleh"
by social justice penguin June 20, 2017
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