A lesbian who has never even kissed a guy.
Person 1: I heard she's a gold star!
Person 2: I'm pretty sure she's a platinum star, I don't think she's ever kissed a guy.
by goldstarr February 04, 2017
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Noun - A Gold Star Gay who was born by cesarean section and has never touched a vagina.
He was a naturally-born Platinum Star Gay.
by Skarrj May 19, 2014
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A gay man who has never been with a woman and was born via C-SECTION. Therefore he has never been inside a vagina. Originated from the revival of "Will and Grace" in 2017.
Jack from Will and Grace was a Platinum Star Gay Guy because he was born via C-SECTION.
by ToniCline1 December 18, 2018
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A gay man who has never slept with a woman, only male A-listers.
Platinum Star Gays are like male, same-sex only versions of Courtney Love and Star Jones - m4m "starfuckers."
by eagerm November 03, 2013
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Noun - A bisexual person born by cesarean section who has never touched genitals other than his own.
I am bisexual, a virgin and was born by c-section. This makes me a platinum star bisexual.
by FudgeVenti January 27, 2021
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dude, have you seen Star Platinum in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? He's such a punchy boi.
What?!? who's Star Platinum, I only know of hamon!
by RobotGamer08 September 06, 2020
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