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A booty hole belonging to a woman who doesn't bathe. A booty hole that smells like long John silvers, a booty hole that takes out whole African tribes with one shake, a booty hole that smells like there are dead corpses. If her nickname is dingleberry ass then she most likely has a stanky booty hole. Stanky booty holes predominantly belong to thots and hood rats that shake their asses at the club and don't wash them after wards.
C'rellnisha: Damn girl you smelt Natasha's stanky booty hole havin ass walkin down the street lately? Her booty hole smell like captain D's. Her new nickname is dingleberry ass!
Tyrone damn near died after getting one whiff of the phosphorus smellin booty hole!
Pomis©hiaq: Damn.
by pp el creador February 27, 2014
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