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BMI of 19-22, Jeans, shirt, fluffy boots, oversized brand-name sunglasses. Environmentalist, slightly hipster. 97% of them are blonde (natural or dye). Dislikes rap, rock. Usually at starbucks or holding some coffee. Everyone is a creep to her; except hot studs or rich guys. Frequently uses the phrase "I'm not racist but..." Owns a facebook and twitter account, intentionally posts vacation bikini pics. Won't do anal but has given several blowjobs @coachella. Heavy hashtag user. Usually in groups of other standard bitches. Has at least applied to college. Generous amount of duckfaces in her photos. Only drinks wine or liquors, no beer. Drives a car or SUV, no truck.
Friend: Hey, let's invite that girl to the pool party.
You: Nah, she's a standard bitch. She only hangs out with stuck-up dudes and girls @coachella
by The-Handle July 23, 2014
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