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An activity for kids who go to underground shows, it involves crowdsurfing your way to the stage and then jumping back into the crowd. If the stage is small enough, a stage diver might just get up on stage and dive off into the crowd. At some shows, particularly hardcore/metalcore tough-guycore shows, the stage diver will jump into the crowd feet first, kicking, and punching violently because he is stupid and has no respect. The crowd generally does not like stage divers who can't see their feet. This activity is not usually found at larger concerts for the venues like to put up barriers between the stage and the floor.
I took a stage dive.
by matty November 19, 2004
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if you are a huge person, and you see a 90 pound chick in the audience, don't stage dive in her direction. she will get crushed/hurt/pissed off. also a bunch of hardcore dudes will try to kick your ass because hurting little chicks at shows is just not cool.
i am still bitter to the fat ass who stage dived then landed on me while attending a the Bled show.
by tardXcore September 17, 2005
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When someone jumps off of a stage and has a massive crowd carry them around overhead. Usually done at rock concerts.
Guy1: Did you see that stage dive last night?
Guy2: Yeah, too bad no one caught him.
by Syn2Die4 September 25, 2011
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the act of running into someone's bedroom and jumping onto their bed while they are having sex. can be done in groups.
Your roommate is having sex with his girlfriend in his room. You and three friends yell "STAGE DIVE!" and jump on top of them while they're doing it.
by zakkbeard July 03, 2011
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