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the worst school anyone will ever have gone to. 100% do not recommend. the teachers are assholes and the students are annoying over dramatic psychotic bitches. they're so fucking strict to the point where ur own socks have to be navy, black, or white. the uniforms are ugly as shit. the teachers don't even know how to teach all they do is put up slideshows that we have to ha dwrite in notebooks. it is low key the worst catholic school ever. the kids are weird and literally everyone is leaving. also u aren't allowed to have a bf/gf or talk abt crushes or there will be serious consequences. the teachers are legit so uptight and annoying. Oh ye the amount of hw they fucking give is ridiculous.
kid: bRuH what school u go to
kid 2: st michael catholic school (livonia,mi) bruh if sucks literal ass
kid: damn im sry bruh
by My dawg bruh May 20, 2019
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