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A group of homosexual men that try to convince everyone else they're heterosexual. Any member of the squid gang has to pass rigorous testing and initiation. ,aim purpose is to raise awareness for violent acts against marine life and stupidity.
Ex. Yo squidy! Get over here you gotta see this if your in the squid gang!! #squidgangbih
by Socialgoodvibeswarrior August 29, 2017
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Best group of people and the best section in band (The Clarinets) any imitation of this group is offensive
Person 1 You see that group of clarinets
Person 2 oh u mean Squid Gang yea

Flute SL: alright guys we see the clarinets and they're new name of the section

Flute 1: hey I got an idea lets copy them but call ourselves flute gang
Flute SL: you know that's a great idea
by Soulblade7 October 01, 2017
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