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A combination of a regular wedgie and a melvin wedgie.

First the victim is given a regular wedgie then pulls the victims underwear up at the front- causing the underwear to be dragged out of your butt and up at the front.

This is repeated several times and usually by two people (one at the front, one at the back) pulling alternatly.
I was at my friends house to paly mordern warfare 2. I lost so i was like nice game and his brother comes and gives me a hard regular wedgie then gave me a squeacky-clean wedgie.i was cursing and kicking at him but i was in too much pain.his brother pulled up my front so hard my underwear started ripped and i knew i was bleed and after 10 secs a friend of my friends brother starts too pull me front up soo hard and they both yank my underwear up and down and up and down! this is when i wore whity tighties and i was bleeding like hell, the underwear flossed my ass hard and i started getting out but i couldn't. i finally passed out and when i woke up i was found myself in a hanging wedgie with 2 guys pulling at my legs and me pissing myself. I noticed my ass stopped bleeding and i then noticed we were in a high tree. My friend was right under me soo if i fell, my balls would hit his head and my balls would be done. I saw that me and my friend were striped naked besides our underwear and crying so hard.after a day my friends branch broke and started falling strait into water naked. After a minute my underwear broke and i fell with no support and hit a branch ont he way down. My dick was burning on fire.when i got down i got balltaped a couple of HUNDRED of times. I never got revenge for that.
by bitasy February 25, 2010
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