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if you have ever watched tv in your life you will know wat im talking about. every single national commercial on television that is thirty seconds or longer always pictures at least one (1) person of a minority. they are usually in the most random spot and predicaments such as: a large black man in the middle of a crowd of young white children, or even a mexican at a bar miztvah.

this is a fun party game if you're ever at a party with no women or booze, heres how to play:
5 points for spotting a black, 10 for a latino, and 15 for an asian, and 100 for all of them together in same commercial
-Great its halftime of the Colts game, lets all play spot the minority to pass the time.

-Did anyone spot the minority of that last commercial?
-I know I did

-Hey sir can you spot the minority-
-Why yes, of course i can.
by mwink0419 November 12, 2011
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