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See demon, hell, torture, inhumane, idiot, criminal, drug user, pimp, ho, possessed.

Sport teachers have a sadistic pleasure by making fun of students. Like, humiliating them, swearing at them, calling them names, belittling them, laughing at them, etc. I can go on forever. You can't say "no" to them when they ask you to play sport. They'll force you to or else you'll be in detention (that's much better than sport, IMO).

When you're tired they'll force you to go back to the field and play. When you miss-catch a ball, the sport teacher will call you "blind" and an "idiot". When you're sick they'll still FORCE you to play no matter what.

These guys have no sympathy at all. Plus, they secretly hate you. They wouldn't mind spanking you to death if the laws allow it. The word "mistake" doesn't appear in their dictionary, see what happens when you make a mistake during a sport lesson (like, forgetting to bring your uniform, not playing according to their roles, etc).

They are bigoted and hateful, and very ignorant too. You'll be hoping to have a sub during a PE lesson.

P.S - Writing lines is much better than doing sport. That's what I like doing (when I don't have my uniform).
Student: Oh, sir, I can't play no more. My feet are killing me.

Sport teacher: GET BACK TO THE FIELD....NOW!

Student: Please (helplessly).

Sport teacher: Are you deaf!? I said now!

Student: Oh, God!
by I AM BEOWULF! April 19, 2008
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People who take apparent pleasure in causing humiliation and torture to children. They also despise their pupils, unless they are the next sporting prodigy.
My sport teacher said I had to keep shooting at this basketball net until the ball went in. I sat there, my team getting more and more anrgy and taking the mick out of me, trying to get the stupid ball to go in, until my teacher, with an exasperated sigh said I could sit down. Most humiliating event of my life. Just because I'm not very good at it, no matter how hard I try, they still hate me for it. In other subjects, teachers help the dumb kids. Oh no, not in PE.
by Emily Y. February 20, 2007
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