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Originally derived from the TV series I Love Lucy, splainin' is now used by gamers as a put-down to taunt their opponent after a crushing defeat.

After one has been pwned, he/she has some splainin' to do.

Can also be used to describe anyone who looks absolutely ridiculous or obviously has no idea what they're doing.
Dude, i just beat you 8-2 at Fifa '95. You've got some serious splainin' to do.

-I can't tell if that's a man or a woman, but it sure does have a sweet mullet.
-I'd say they've got a lot of splainin' to do.
by Bartleby J April 25, 2009
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From "explain". To give a false explaination to cover something you are trying to hide.
1st person: See its like this, I wanna ride with him because I think he's really funny and I wanna be like a daddy to him.

2nd person: Out loud: Uh huh, I see what you mean. Under breath: He be splain'in it.
by rid'in fool September 10, 2006
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