spiritus raptus:

1- an expression of passion or ecstacy

2- the overwhelming emotions resulting from a devine or spiritual encounter.

3- a euphoric / mystical state of being
see: Sartre's definition of being, ref: Being and Nothingness c. 1965

4- the final assumption of Christians (oh shit, not another) into heaven
see: End of Day's: but only after Satan routes the internal organs out of the films heroine with his (totally circumsised) disembowling / glass shard spiked, strapped on (or not) man's man tool of an angelic Lardon! see: End of Day's again (sober)
see: The Devil's by Ken Russell (not sober)

Note: SR is not to be associated with, but similar to huffing on nitrogen gas.
don't see: huffing (it's played),
see: nitrogen narcosis weeeeeeeeeee! (to be thoroughly explored)
In the preparation of Jesus, Mary had experienced the spiritual rapture in coupling with her boy Joey from Brooklyn. *spiritus raptus my dick, yo!
by Rono January 20, 2007
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