Term used in chearleading and middle/high school pep rallies. Each team has a good luck stick, and it is asigned to a member of the chearleading team to take care of it. According to the folklore if the team loses it, it means bad luck for the team at any competition until it's found.
The Spirit Stick curse. -Will you lay off with that?
by SquidwardHandsome October 20, 2016
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term used for a bong, a device usually used to smoke weed with.

cheers for the hit on the spirit stick
by e w January 11, 2008
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A stick that is given at every pep rally that the 8th graders usually take home. You win the stick based on different competitions.
Man did you see how the 8th graders won the spirit stick
by Meme Maker_Its everyday Bro November 10, 2019
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