"I can't figure out which spice girl I wanna impregnate"

--Quote, can you guess who by?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
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Attractive women who sing and dance. More often then not are quite good with their hips. If you know what I mean.... they they drop it like it's hot
That girl on the pole knows how to shake that ass, she's gonna be my new spice girl
by J-bravo May 30, 2018
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Noun. A wannabe who requires backup from other spice girls when confronted, usually by ButtGrapes.
Not very intelligent.
"She thinks she's a bad bitch, but she's such a spice girl"
by PCNotAvailable August 1, 2017
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Possibly the crappest band ever, their songs sucked, only one of them could sing, the rest of them just shouted at the screen in the tackiest music videos ever, and ultimately one of the most mind numbingly awful films ever. Posh Spice, who has gone on to have the most fame, ironically does bugger all, she is kept to the background and given minimal screen time in their earlier videos and has the least lines in the film. At their peak, I hated them and found their popularity unfathomable, and now I rejoice that they have dwindled into an embarrasing memory.
"My god, didnt the spice girls suck!"
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1. Dirty worn-out whore, run down by too many nights of performing sexual favours for "music" producers.
2. A dirty old slag.
by 4MA June 11, 2003
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Any woman who actively seeks the love and affections of a ginger man. A chick who wants a pale skinned, red headed, soul sucking, ginger man with whom she wishes to procreate. A chick that only bangs or dates a red-headed ginger male. A ginger addict if you will.
Don’t waste your time on that chick, she’s a Spice-Girland only digs ginger dudes.
by Succubus75 February 11, 2018
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