A Girl Group from the UK that had a string of hits between 1996-1999. The group consisted of Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Victoria Adams (later Beckham) (Posh Spice), and Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice). They made the term "Girl Power" famous. They became famous in 1996 with their debut single "Wannnabe", which was an international hit and hit #1 in 31 countries, including the United States. Their debut album "Spice" was released in early 1997 and sold seven million copies in the US and 14 million worldwide. In late 1997, they released their sophomore album "Spiceworld" and the eponymous movie that became a box-office hit. The beginning of the end happened in 1998, when Geri Halliwell left the group due to career dissatisfaction. The remaining four released their third and final album "Forever" in 1999. The album failed to be as successful as it's two predecessors. The Spice Girls finally broke up in 2000 and all five have had solo careers with varying success. Altogether, the Spice Girls sold over 53 million albums and scored nine #1 hits in the UK.
The Spice Girls were the epitome of 90s pop music.
by Yek April 29, 2007
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1. a group of women that sold millions of records in the 90's
2. a group of women whose cd you most likely bought and memorized
3. women with fun accents were all jealous of
4. may consist of a black woman with big hair in britian or a woman over the age of 20 and still being called 'baby spice', or a woman (posh) thats a multi-millionaire married to a HOTT husband
Man i used to love the spice girls
by big fan! January 23, 2005
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'Mama i love you, mama i care'

.....oh how i miss them *sigh*
by Fwannnnnnny February 23, 2004
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The biggest and quickest selling female group in entertainment history causing such hysteria since the Beatles (except that they're males).

Members: Emma Bunton (Baby), Melanie Brown (Scary), Victoria Beckham (Posh), Geri Halliwell (Ginger), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty).

After their first two LPs, Spice and Spiceworld (1996, 1997), the Girls had already sold more than 30,000,000 albums within two years.

In 1997/1998, they starred in their feature film Spiceworld, which cashed in at #1 in the UK box office, and #2 (behind Titanic) in the USA.

Geri left the group in 1998; participating in only two albums (Spice & Spiceworld).

During 1998, before, during and after Geri's departure, Scary, Baby, Posh and Sporty embarked on their Spice World Tour. The Girls set yet another world record in selling out NY's Madison Square Garden in under 12 minutes.

In 2000, the four remaining Spice's released FOREVER which sold 5,000,000+ copies.

Merchandising ranges from CDs, to dolls, to candy, to cameras, to yoyo's to stickers, to crayons to wallpaper. The list goes on and on.
Wow, I had no idea the first Spice Girls album sold over 22,000,000 copies, let alone their nine singles sold over 15,000,000 combined!
by vbfreak June 05, 2005
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The best effin girl band EVER!!!!
Viva Forever, I'll be waiting, everlasting, like the sun, live forever, for the moment, ever searching, for the one.
by Nate September 24, 2004
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Noun. A wannabe who requires backup from other spice girls when confronted, usually by ButtGrapes.
Not very intelligent.
"She thinks she's a bad bitch, but she's such a spice girl"
by PCNotAvailable August 01, 2017
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modestly talented girl band of the 90s that contributed to the massive dropoff of quality music after 1995. Kinda hot though.
being in a girlband like Spice Girls greatly increases your chances of forming a power couple. Look at Victoria Beckham and Beyonce Carter.
by whoa! Nelly furtado September 16, 2006
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