1. A person, usually female, that frequently receives massive amounts of sperm into or onto one or many of her body parts
2. Any body cavity that is on the receiving end of ejaculation; most frequently refers to the vagina, the anus, or the mouth, but may also be used to describe the ears, the nose, or other crevices
1. You should dump your girlfriend. She is the college sperm receptacle.
2. In a flash of creativity, I turned her nose into a sperm receptacle. My load got backed up into her sinuses, and she sneezed out sperm all over the place. I promptly zipped up my pants, got my jacket, and left.
by Ryan K-Dogg October 18, 2006
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A female whose only meaningful function is performed on her back with her legs in the air. Or bent over the kitchen table. Or up against the wall. You get the idea.
Joe got engaged to Mary despite her position as the town's bullgoose sperm receptacle.
by Ubiq1 August 25, 2011
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Obedient Sperm Receptacle

An insecure, pathetic human being that has no self-respect and will accept a partner that lies, cheats and treats them horribly.
Poor Renee, she's just an obedient sperm receptacle for him!
by KISSLE22 November 3, 2016
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Any woman who serves but one purpose in life....that being to gain favor with men by being known for one thing and one thing only.

A polite name for a women of very loose morals.

Also, a women who gets around, literally.
The best thing that you can say about her is that she's a self-propelled mobile sperm receptacle.
by Coolidge Whore Driver June 9, 2010
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