When your friends spell a word horribly wrong through text.
Friend 1: Omg my hert just dide.
You: Speel good
the way monesita spells sleep
by mikeywtf October 17, 2010
An action word used to describe the time late at night when your mind fails to function properly, and various stupid and inane things become hilarious.
After staying up for 36 straight hours playing ping pong, Larry and I were definately speeling.
by Jay November 24, 2003
A type of pelvic thrust used during sexual intercourse.
Also a type of cast in fishing.
"Dude i had the greatest speel ever last night!"
by Bigdawgggggg April 17, 2009
Really cool, also used if you are sick of the word "cool"
That purse is so speel
by KH February 27, 2003
its exclaimed by people making fun of other people online by telling them about their bad spelling. see example.
surfnaked0384: haha! u cunt speel
by brockish January 30, 2005
A song by Brain Freeze about a kid who can't spell good. This was the hit on there 2003 ablem "No Free Refills"
"...and you all go stright to heel, thats hell, oh well, can't spell..."
by Somebody something September 17, 2003