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1. The act of kicking someone in the chest after they incorrectly identify something with an "a" at the end.

2. Kicking someone in the chest.

Both derived from the famed scene in 300
Person A: Aww, I see you're playing a xylophone.

Dude did you see that UFC fight? That guy just totally got sparta kicked.
by hoboace November 26, 2007
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A kick that is delivered while the kicker yells "This is Sparta" at the kickee, whom then proceeds to fall into a hole or off of some sort of ledge.
Bob: Hey John.
John: What?
Bob: This is Sparta!!
Bob: Thats my fifth Sparta Kick today.
by The Antman July 23, 2008
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A kick usually performed by lifting ones leg to chest level and pushing forward with intention to kill.
"Madness?" "This is SPARTA!!!" *Kicks someone into a hole*

Gannondorf can perform this action in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii system by pressing forward and A with the Gamecube controller or forward and 2 with the wii remote held sideways.

"Ima Sparta Kick someone"
by Porkman1309 December 05, 2009
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Sandals that look like they could be worn by the Spartans. Most likely to be worn by females, also known as "gladiator shoes".
"Dude check out that chick's sandals. I think she was in that movie 300. Well, those Spartakicks definitely were."
by reezyyy September 05, 2009
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To kick the living hell out of someones chest with the flat of the bottom of your foot.
"that midget wouldnt shut the fuck up so i sparta kicked it."
by JamerJones November 16, 2007
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To yell "THIS IS SPARTA!" and subsequently kick someone into a huge well.
Leonidas: Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!! *performs a sparta kick on Xerxes*
by Tisteca July 16, 2008
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Spartakick is a front kick to the torso from one person that propels another person's full body mass through the air, especially into inescapable death or in a downward direction, so named because of the famous line and action from 300 where King Leonidas kicks the Persian ambassador down a well.
"William Wallace spartakicked the governor down the hill toward the execution post for slitting the throat of his wife." "Malcolm Reynolds spartakicked Krull into the engine of the Serenity when Niska's enforcer would not listen to reason."
by Eruandil-Yan June 12, 2008
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