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"Police" from Spain who drive slowly around the streets of Spain (and other Spanish islands such as Majorca etc) peering agressively and apprehensively out of the windows at you. Every single one of them are arrogant, sexist and cowardly.

Very corrupt and racist. Get away with murder, literally in some cases, thanks to the deserted high hills of Spain and the liberal distribution of firearms amongst the force.

If you find yourself being apprehended by the Spanish policia, and you are Spanish or otherwise, be prepared for a severe kicking, either in the cells or down a back alley.

If you find yourself in police car and you know you're going to be spending a night in a cell, then I feel very, very sorry for you.
"I went on a holiday in Lanzarote and got kicked in by 6 policia for looking at them in the wrong way. No, really."

Spanish policeman - *kicks over a bin and then turns to tourist* Why you do that? Why?
Tourist - ...Huh?
by EL June 18, 2006
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