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Spackle the Bowl is a term employed when an individual has defecated in a manner most in keeping with the lay work of 'a spackler'. The work of a spackler is messy and tends to 'get all over the place'. Much like a spackler, when one 'spackles the bowl', thick, pasty, broken-up, fecal matter blasts out of one's rear-end and tends to splatter or spackle everywhere. Upon occasion, spackling the bowl can also create a fine mist working its way into the atmosphere. Typically, this is one of the most forceful, yet, least productive of the classes of defecation.
Jim was feeling rather cramped and gassy. His discomfort caused him to rush to the restroom hoping to relieve some of this gastro-intestinal pressure. Preparing for a huge gas expulsion, he was very surprised to realize he had, in fact, spackled the bowl, thereby causing him to spray his entire backside with fecal residue.
by Scott_H December 27, 2007
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