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The strange, garbled text that appears when computer graphics chew up and spit out something you were trying to read. Words may resemble comic-style expletives (#OI%#, #$gO%#i$^l!), but since I'm not from Space Russia, I can't actually produce it on demand. Expect glyphs (letters of the Roman alphabet are rather hard to find in this soup) to fall on top of each other or be cut in half and otherwise shuffled in a mangled cluster of digital illegibility.

Inspired by Space Barbie. Who also only seems to exist online, and communicates mostly through mangled clusters of digital illegibility.
Elliott: Can you tell what that says?
Britt: That mess on the screen? No, it's Space Russian.
Elliott: Exactly. Guess the graphics card needs kicking.
Britt: In Space Russia, graphics card kicks you.
by Xylergeist February 03, 2014
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