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1 Urban slang term for the South Elyria neighborhood. A section of Elyria Ohio (Cleveland area city south of Lorain), south and southwest of downtown. The borders are 5th street to the north, wood st to the south, east ave or east branch of the black river to the east, and garden st/douglas ave to the west.
the southside of elyria is most known as the ghetto and worst area of elyria. theres wilkes villa, south park, gas usa, middle ave, west ave, the village, and other areas where there is regular shootings and murders. all other major crimes happen all over the neighborhood and regularly such as carjackings, robberies, rapes, assaults, drug deals, gang violence and more. the neighborhood is mostly black/mixed increasing in black, mixed and Hispanic. theres not many white people left and the ones that are left are just as poor and ghetto as the other races. the housing on the southside 70% rentals is mostly decrepit and broken down, the few houses that look good on the outside will be grimey on the inside.

2 Anything ghetto.
1 is there another way to get there without going through southside elyria? I dont feel like getting shot today

2 Lorain is ghetto as hell just like southside elyria
by misterbrooks October 02, 2009
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