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South Charlotte occurs at the perpendicular between South Charlotte road and Providence road. It's the apex of social life among rich white teens with Gucci tags. Occurs while the parents are all drunk and the teens are out utilizing brain numbing drugs. Southpark Mall is home for the day for the South Charlotte teens. Spot a south Charlotte teen at either poppys or flywheel for some daytime fun!! Nightlife couldn't be hotter: hit up some of the WILDEST nights in Foxcroft neighborhood where the teens go harder than Project X!! If you're looking for a fun excursion make sure to stop by the epicenter for some cute clubs and wildly high heels from christian loubiton. But don't even bother if you don't have a promoter!!! Growing up with these Southside Charlotte you DO NOT want to mess around because they will woop a ass anytime of the day or night!!! These shortys do NOT play!!!!! It's more low-key during the summer because so many south Charlotte shortys head off internationally to South Side Havana and like south side Tokyo but you'll know a Southside sweetie when you see her whooping ass outside the club!!!!!
Teen 1: "Omg I can't believe you in were in Miami all summer"
Southside Charlotte Teen: "Bruh that was Southside Charlotte!!!"
by southsideshorty May 28, 2018
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