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southern belle A true southern lady:

To be a southern lady is not necessary to be successful in your life, but carry even your misfortune with style and grace.
It's not just good manners or style in clothing etc. (even if they are important too)- it's attitude of wanting to behave and act gracefully.
To be a lady it's not to be weak - even if it is in a way to be feminine ...
...but there is lot of same as being a gentleman is for men - even if it differs in feminine way
Being a lady is not a trick - its reseating others and waiting for respect from others. Lady does not stay long in a company of those who can not respect her.
Being a lady is to know how to keep a good company. It not just a manners: it’s a basic ability to discus interesting matters, to know when to laughed to jokes -and when to ignore them. It is listening others and understanding, that one is not a center of the world

You don't reveal your age or weight, unless absolutely necessary.
You never ask a gentleman how much money he makes.
When in doubt, you dress up. You would never look to casual for an event.
You never say that you're leaving for the bathroom. You simply excuse yourself.
You don't complain about things you can't change - like waiting in line or the weather.
If a gentleman offers to pay for a date, you politely accept.
When it's up to you to tip, you always leave at least 20%
You don't engage in prolonged public displays of affection.
You never talk on your phone when in a restaurant or at the movies.
You don't gossip.
You drink in moderation. You never let your drinking behavior get out of control.
You do not discuss religion or politics at the dinner table.
If you've been given a gift, you follow up with a written thank you note or card.
You don't use call waiting. You instead use voicemail for interrupting calls.
You always RSVP to invitations, and you never ask if you can bring extra guests.
You don't discuss your past relationships with the person you're dating.
You don't tell sexist or racist jokes.
You do not interrupt people speaking to you.
You don't flirt with men that you aren't interested in.
If you are on a diet, you do not discuss it at the dinner table.
You carry the smallest purse possible, depending on the occasion.
You err on the side of saying good night early.
You never turn down an invitation hoping something better will come along that night.
When in doubt, you dress modestly - saving sexier clothes for the right occasion.
You never ask if you look fat.
neve gave up
great charm and sophistication
Fiddle Dee Dee

the perfect example of a southern lady

remember wwsd?

what would scarlett do?
by brandiG December 20, 2006
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