A "Syd jyde”/"South Jutlander" is a person, who without a doubt, has no sense of geography. This person lives in a not existing place in Denmark. If you meet one, don’t be afraid. They are really friendly; they just have a big problem by understanding the difference between fantasy and real life.
If you want to help them, you should tell them about a lovely little place called "Sønderjylland"/ "Southern Jutland". This is a place where they can live, knowing exactly where they are, and who they are.

You can talk about being a "South Jutlander" when you start imagining things, and start talking to much about your dreams. Use the expression: "Stop imagining things, you are such a "South Jutlander"!
"South Jutlander" is a synonym for "day dreamer".
South Jutlander: "Oh! See there is a flying cow, with pink stripes on it!! Wahu!"
Normal person: "Stop imagining! You really ARE a South jutlander... Could you just stop dreaming for a moment?"
South Jutlander: "But it is really there!!"
by Ingolf May 27, 2015