Somewhere very different from North Jersey. We ignore 7-11s, because of course Wawas. Not a sub, a hoagie(from Wawa!) Everywhere you go, there’s people in Eagles jerseys, possibly chanting. We know we’re nothing like Jersey Shore. Oh yeah, it’s not the beach, it’s the shore. That’s where everyone goes Prom Weekend. If you go to Avalon, you’re probably rich, but if you go to Ocean City/Stone Harbor, you’re definitely cool. Philadelphia(but everyone says Philly) is a bridge away, so games and concerts are easy. You secretly love it.
North Jersey: Ugh, I want to go to the beach
South Jersey: Too bad, we have the shore, not the beach
by KiaraReid February 24, 2019
A place where you don’t even know if it’s real or not for being in central Jersey and you will find so many white boys trying to be hood or gang. The school cares more about dress code than the boys bathroom who smells like acid with shit. You can’t even talk shit in portuguese or Spanish because everyone understands.
“South River New Jersey is not even real, it’s central Jersey
by pooppooppoop September 21, 2021
When one attempts to bust on a partners face, but ends up tossing the cum directly over the partner and onto the floor, bed, etc.
Sharqueshwa: "I was totally ready to take Jondineristh's load on my face, but he South Jersey Cum Tossed it and left me totally disappointed and with a stained mattress"
by American OG August 9, 2017
Using your fist, you prolapse your sexual partners anus, then give said prolapsed anus a blowy.
Fuck you bro, I gave your sister a good old fashioned South Jersey Suck 'N Fuck last night.
by Bbslimm January 4, 2021
When a car behind to slow down for a yellow light, and the car behind it quickly changes lanes and speeds past to try to beat the light.

Often seen on South Jersey roads.
I slowed down for the light and the truck behind me did a South Jersey Slingshot and zoomed by me as the light turned red.
by JDBreeze1 September 14, 2022