When a man shoves his testicles into a woman's ass and then ejaculates on her back.
Guy 1: Did you bring a rubber tonight?

Guy 2: Nah, I'm just gonna finish up with a South Jersey Sand Bag.
by Slophole91 August 31, 2010
Finding a smut from South Jersey to give you some dome while chillin' on the couch. Chillin' on the other end of the couch is another South Jersey smut giving your wingman some dome. Both Jersey smuts are vigorously competing to see who can eat the penis pudding first.
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 26, 2009
In this scenario, the male had his cock n' balls lying dormant. The female slightly stimulates any part of the male's body causing him to have continuous violent contractions within his scrotum for several minutes immediately resulting in blue balls.
I'm never fucking Tammy again. Before we began, she shook my hand and gave me South Jersey Nut Twitch.
by juckerafison December 18, 2020
The act of farting in a girls pussy by wrapping her vagina lips around the asshole of a gassy friend.
After a night of eating too many sloppy joes and hearing constant bitching from his wife, Andrew finally agreed to give Sarah the South Jersey Hot Air Balloon Ride she always wanted.
by FlipDogBoy February 3, 2011
It isn’t just any ordinary part of the armpit of the nation, it is very different

As a person born and raised in South Jersey, I may be biased, but this is the greatest part of this boring state. We are people who aren’t as rude as our northern counterparts, and for the rest, we are just a larger in size, smaller in population version of Philadelphia. Wawa comes to mind when thinking about us, and that is correct. In fact the city I was raised in had less people than 8,300 to this day, and we still have a Wawa, yet no main stores like Shop Rite, Walmart etc. South Jersey may as well be it’s own state, having a higher population than many states. We have about 1.75 million people, about the population of Idaho and larger population than states like Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware and we have a higher population than Washington D.C. Plus North Jersey depends on Atlantic City casinos either way and they will probably steal at least one of the casinos somehow.
South Jersey, the cooler version of North Jersey is where I live.
by User: Anonymous March 8, 2019
Fuck south jersey. Atlantic City is a crappy place, but don’t even get me started on those fucking Philadelphians. I would rather be put in a concentration camp then go to philly. They got good cheese steaks I’ll give them that, but besides that the city is cancer that needs to be taken out of the world. New York 4 life. U can’t even compare the 2. Fuck u faggot ass south jersey an philly niggas
Person 1 “Fuck south Jersey
Person 2 “and fuck those cock sucking philly niggas”
by RG-47 April 17, 2020